RSO oil dosage chart

How much RSO should I take? If this is simply to sleep better, then the answer to this question is a personal preference. You should start really low (REALLY) and graduate up. Keep in mind that RSO oil is seventy (70) to eighty-five (85) percent pure THC. As such, you will get extremely intoxicated if you do not have the right tolerance levels.

RSO can be used for pain, sleep, and a few other ailments. It is most well known for its use in cancer patients to help with symptoms and was pioneered by Mr. Rick Simpson.

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This page outlines a recipe to make RSO oil in case you are not able to buy it.

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RSO oil dosing chart Week 1 to 5

This protocol is derived from Rick Simpson's findings on RSO for cancer. (We make no medical claims in this article but only try to simplify with RSO oil dosing information.

Please use the RSO dosing chart with the RSO oil usage table below. (This can be quite hard to work out. If you need help, please get in touch. That is what we are here for!

RSO dosing chart - week 6 to 10
RSO dosing chart week 11 to 13.webp
RSO dosing table week 1 to 5
RSO dosing table weel 6 to 10
RSO dosing table week 11 to 13

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